Welcome to your inner peace

“Before you all, opens a path of light that is leading you onward and upward; to attain, someday, an indescribable happiness and satisfaction because you have fulfilled the real purpose of life. When men and women fulfil their purpose, they are filled with peace and happiness.”

– White Eagle: The Best of White Eagle

Elaine works as a psychic medium and is clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling) and clairaudient (clear hearing).

She can help give you clarity into a situation in your present life and help guide you through your future life with advice and guidance from the spirit world.

Elaine does not use any tools to link to the spirit world, but can use psychometry to make the link stronger. This can be done by holding something that belongs to you. She can also use Angel Cards for an affirmation from the Angels. Often in readings, past lives can occur; your soul’s purpose of this life, and awareness of karma, are revealed. When this happens, Elaine can perform a past life regression that enables clearing. The client is then able to move on with the clarity of which way they are heading along this life’s path.


Elaine Smith
Tel: +447903218447
Email: elainesmith@uwclub.net

Elaine psychic medium clairvoyant
Psychic medium clairvoyant Elaine Smith explains the process behind her spiritual readings.
Directed by: Elaine Smith
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