Helping You find Peace

Soul2Soul will help you find the answers or spiritual connection you have been seeking, whether it is through a reading in person, at an event or via skype. Please review the list of services below to discover which is right for you. Please contact us for prices as they vary depending on the duration of the session. Returning customers receive a 10% discount!


Clairvoyant, Medium Psychic Readings  £40 (please see information pack)

Skype Readings  £40 per hour

Email Readings 1 Question  £20 each answer after £10 max 3 answers

Phone Readings  £40 per hour

Psychic Parties Host goes free with 5 or more persons  £20 per half hour.

Psychic Suppers Eat in or eat in a restaurant call for a quote.

Psychic Clearing I often get calls about people feeling presences of spirits in their home/workplace etc. If it is making you feel uncomfortable, I can clear the energy for you.
Call for quote.

Spiritual Healing and Absent Healing (see leaflet) Free of charge.

If you would like Absent healing please fill in the form on the book and pay page with the person’s name and I will send absent healing to that person. Free of charge.

Spiritual Life Coaching (see leaflet)  Call for a quote.

Reiki Healing (see leaflet)  Call for a quote.

Remote Viewing (Where I can see what others are doing)  Call for a quote.

Angel Card Readings  Call for quote.

Psychometry Readings (where I hold something of yours or something of one who’s passed to contact them)  Call for quote.

Channelling  Call for quote.

Scrying (Using a Crystal Ball)  Call for quote.

Yes or No Answers Using a Pendulum  Call for quote.

Tea Leaf Reading  Call for quote.

Ribbon Reading  Call for quote.

Flower reading  Call for quote

Reading Services in Bristol